Capitol rioter tells court it has no 'dominion over a living soul' in bizarre filing
FBI (via York Daily Record)

On Monday, NBC4 Washington reporter Scott MacFarlane flagged a new filing by Pauline Bauer, an accused Capitol rioter who allegedly demanded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) be turned over to the crowd to be executed.

Bauer, who represents herself and appears to be an adherent to the so-called "sovereign citizen" movement, has previously demanded the court "Drop all charges against my VESSEL" and quoted the Bible in her defense.

Her latest filing is no less bizarre, according to MacFarlane.

"I know you are new to this case but I retain my right to self determination," she wrote. "The court is aware of the Cestui Que Ve trust that I am Executor of and retain my rights to contract when I choose to under Admiralty Law. I challenge the courts [sic] jurisdiction and dominion over a living soul."

She also demanded that the police turn over "a copy of your malfeasance and malpractice insurance so I may make a future tort claim" for arresting people "without due process of law."

The "sovereign citizen" movement advocates the theory that people can act as their own government, and therefore are outside the jurisdiction of most of the laws laid out by the United States. To date, courts have not endorsed these ideas.

Read the filing below: