'I have a right to my self-determination!' MAGA rioter starts 'screaming' after judge sends her to jail

Alleged MAGA rioter Pauline Bauer reportedly had a full-on public meltdown on Friday when a judge ordered that she be sent back to prison ahead of her trial.

NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane reports that Bauer, who has echoed the rhetoric of so-called "sovereign citizens" in previous court filings, had her pre-trial release revoked after federal prosecutors documented how she has refused to follow court orders during her release.

During the hearing, writes MacFarlane, Bauer regularly challenged the court's authority to hold her in any kind of custody, even though she denied being part of the sovereign citizen movement.

"I have a right to my self-determination!" she told the judge at one point.

Bauer also told the judge that she is not subject to the court's supervision and twice said that the court was trying to put her "in the water" even though she's chosen to be "on the land."

According to MacFarlane, the judge overhearing her case was not impressed with her arguments and ordered her sent to prison ahead of her trial.

"The problem is she's not going to do what I direct her to do," the judge explained. "Ms. Bauer is now going to be incarcerated."

MacFarlane writes that Bauer started "screaming" as soon as the judge asked U.S. Marshalls to take her into custody.

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