Capitol rioter who vowed to be 'Hitler on Steroids' blames 'drunken frustration' for his actions in leniency plea

William Rogan Reid, who was convicted earlier this year for his role in the deadly January 6th Capitol riots, is now blaming his own "drunken frustration" for his actions.

In a new court filing flagged by NBC News' Ryan Reilly, Reid's attorneys argued for leniency for their client and stated that he "has long-suffered from crippling anxiety and depression" while adding that "Over time, he learned to cope with his anxiety by self-medicating with alcohol and by hiding behind a braggadocious, loud-mouthed online persona."

One example of Reid's "loud-mouthed online persona," notes Reilly, came in the wake of the Capitol riot when he warned federal law enforcement officials that "you’re not going to incarcerate me, motherf*ckers." Additionally, writes Reilly, Reid once vowed he'd be like "Hitler on steroids."

Now that he's at the mercy of a judge, however, Reid is singing a different tune of remorse.

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"I was filled with liquid courage and the energy of the crowd," Reid said in the court filing, referring to his decision to storm the United States Capitol building. "I never intended to damage anything either, but did so out of drunken frustration when I threw a remote at a TV screen and tipped over a water cooler."