Trump spokesperson grilled over Nick Fuentes: 'How does he even get onto Mar-a-Lago's property?'
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Liz Harrington, a spokesperson for Donald Trump, was grilled this week after the former president dined with a white supremacist.

During a Monday interview with Harrington, right-wing host David Brody could not hide his disapproval of Trump's dinner date with white nationalist Nick Fuentes and rapper Ye.

"There are a lot of Trump supporters and these are people that want Donald Trump to win the nomination, want to see him back in the White House; we're talking about the MAGA crowd, the true blue MAGA folks, and the only concern they would have is, like, why does even Nick Fuentes — how does he even get on to Mar-a-Lago's property?" Brody wondered.

"I mean, just the vetting on all of that," he continued. "Because he said some really horrible stuff about the Jews and I think that — and this is from friends. This is not from Chuck Todd and these guys. But I think MAGA folks want to know, like, hey, look, if you've got DeSantis or some other people coming at Trump, you know, this is not the type of stuff that he really needs and these are people that are MAGA friends that want to see him do well. They just don't want people like Nick Fuentes and others in his orbit."

Harrington, however, was defiant.

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"Look, a lot of people don't even know who this person is and President Trump was one of them," she replied. "Several people on the staff I don't think knew who this person was."

"They did not know that Kanye was bringing anyone else," Harrington insisted. "Again, Kanye West is very controversial, obviously. But President Trump's not going to, you know, shy away from meeting with Kanye West because he's had a relationship with him in the past."

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