'Eliminate them': Capitol rioter's bloodthirsty J6 plan unearthed by prosecutors
Capitol rioter Larry Brock (Getty Images)

Prosecutors have revealed that convicted Capitol rioter Larry Brock concocted a bloodthirsty plan to seize power on January 6th, 2021 that involved taking hostages, arresting journalists, and cutting off food and water to cities where Democratic voters lived.

As flagged by CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, prosecutors say that Brock wrote down his plan to overthrow the United States government on Christmas Eve, roughly two weeks before he and his fellow Trump supporters would storm the United States Capitol building.

As part of the plan, Brock outlined a series of "key tasks" that included initiatives to "seize all Democratic politicians and Biden key staff and select Republicans (Thune and McConnell)," at which point they would "begin interrogations using measures we used on Al Queda (sic) to gain evidence on the coup."

He then called for his fellow Trump supporters to "seize national media assets and key personnel," and then "eliminate them."

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As if this weren't enough, he then issued a directive to "let the Democratic cities burn" and "cut off power and food to all who oppose us."

To cap everything off, he said that former President Donald Trump should then issue a "general pardon for all crimes up to and including murder of those restoring the Constitution and putting down the Democratic Insurrection."

Brock was convicted last year on multiple charges, including a felony obstruction of an official proceeding and five misdemeanor counts related to the riots.