Feds say photo shows MAGA-rioting Trump appointee using riot shield against cops after he claims unfair prosecution
Federico Klein (FBI images)

Federico Klein, a former Trump-appointed State Department aide who was arrested last year for taking part in the January 6 Capitol riots, is facing pushback from his claims that he's being unfairly targeted by federal prosecutors.

CBS News' Scott MacFarlane flags a new court filing made by DOJ lawyers in which they rebut Klein's claims that he's being "selectively prosecuted" by showing a photo that allegedly shows him using a riot shield against law enforcement officers at the United States Capitol.

"Klein and others around him attacked, and attempted to enter, the Capitol as the Vice President, Members of Congress, and thousands of staffers convened inside," DOJ lawyers wrote in the filing. "That conduct, and the 'threat to civilians' it engendered... dispels any inference of disparate treatment."

The DOJ lawyers also rebutted assertions that Klein and his fellow January 6 defendants shouldn't be treated any worse than the left-wing anti-police brutality demonstrators who routinely committed acts of violence and vandalism at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

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"Although both Portland and Jan 6 rioters attacked federal buildings... the Portland defendants primarily attacked at night, meaning that they raged against a largely vacant courthouse," the DOJ attorneys argued.

See the photo showing Klein at the Capitol below.

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