CNN IDs Capitol rioter who allegedly received call from Trump White House
Rioters clash with police trying to enter Capitol building through the front doors. (lev radin /

CNN on Monday revealed the identity of the January 6th rioter who received a phone call from the Trump White House -- but the phone call in question doesn't appear to be smoking-gun evidence of coordination between the Trump administration and the rioters.

According to CNN, the call was placed to 26-year-old Brooklyn-based Trump supporter Anton Lunyk, who had already left the Capitol by the time he received the call.

Additionally, CNN notes that the call only lasted for nine seconds and it is unclear who at the White House placed the call.

Lunyk has told investigators that he doesn't even remember receiving the brief call, and he says that he did not know anyone inside the Trump White House.

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The call was first revealed by former Rep. Denver Riggleman, a Republican who worked with the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riots during the early part of its probe.

However, Tim Mulvey, the January 6 Committee spokesman, downplayed the significance of the call in an interview with CNN.

"In his role on the Select Committee staff, Mr. Riggleman had limited knowledge of the committee’s investigation," Mulvey said. "He departed from the staff in April prior to our hearings and much of our most important investigative work."