Capitol rioter who stole papers from 'known congressman' pleads guilty

A Virginia man has pleaded guilty to storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and stealing government property, Law&Crime reports.

Ryan Seth Suleski, 34, admitted on Wednesday that he stormed the Capitol and stole some documents he found on the floor of an empty hallway. He pleaded guilty to entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds and theft of government property. He faces up to one year in jail and a maximum $100,000 fine if he's convicted. His plea deal spares him the more serious charge of obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress, which carries a prison term of 20 years.

After Suleski entered the Capitol, he repeatedly tried to open locked doors throughout the building. When he reached the third floor, he saw papers that belonged to a "known congressman" scattered on the floor, looked through them, and then rolled them up and put them in his backpack.

After leaving the building, Suleski was interviewed by the BBC.

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“That is just not how things are done in this country,” the reporter said to Suleski.

“Right,” Suleski replied.

“Lawlessness, storming buildings, even, and that is what happened today,” the reporter said.

“This nation wasn’t founded on civility,” Suleski said in response. “This nation was founded on revolutionary activity. We became civil after the government realized that they got overwhelmed.”

“So, what happens now?” the reporter asked.

“I guess now we wait and see if they take us seriously because they saw how easily we were able to breach their defense,” Suleski answered.