Judge getting sick of Jan. 6 rioters’ complaints about jail conditions: ‘Some people want hotel services’
Screengrab via FBI complaint.

Federal prosecutors are pushing back on claims from U.S. Capitol rioters about conditions in the jail where they're awaiting trial, and a judge signaled that he's getting sick of their complaints.

Judge Emmet Sullivan told attorneys he was aware of problems some defendants had accessing evidence they needed to prepare for trial, but he waved away complaints some of them had made about alleged mistreatment, reported CNN.

"They're running a jail, not a hotel," Sullivan said. "Some people want hotel services."

Accused rioter Christopher Worrell has complained that jail officials were too slow in getting him medical treatment for a broken finger, but DOJ lawyers pointed out that he wanted "elective" surgery because he didn't like the way his fracture had healed and had turned down treatment at the jail for his cancer.

"He was informed that surgery has risks that may outweigh the benefits of a surgery," Worrell's doctor told wrote. "Although, we discussed the risks of infection, poor function, pain, etc ... the patient's beyond reason at this time. We will proceed with extreme caution, since it is apparent that ulterior motives are at play."