Catholic bishops are begging for a deal with drug traffickers
File picture shows Mexican Navy marines on patrol in Mexico City (AFP)

While the United States Catholic bishops continue a debate over whether politicians should get communion, another group of bishops is working on making desperate deals with drug traffickers, Vice News said citing Mexican newspaper Milenio.

“There is a need for a social pact,” said Bishop Sigifredo Noriega. “A pact where even the bad guys could have a say.”

The "bad guys" he's talking about are organized crime groups that have been increasing decades-long violence in Mexico. The Catholic church is estimated to have multiple billions of dollars but they're not about to use it for a holy war against the drug cartels in Central America.

Two priests were killed last month in church and they are searching for solutions. The assumption seems to be that giving them "a say" might persuade the narcos to work cooperatively within the community to traffick their drugs without so many murders.

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"The bishop of Zacatecas suggested 'directly speaking' with members of organized crime," said the report. It explained, "Zacatecas is one of Mexico’s states most affected by violence related to drug trafficking, and is leading in the ranking on murders this year."

Father Javier Campos was 79 years old when he was murdered and Father Joaquín Mora was 80. Their deaths are said to be a result of drug boss José Noriel Portillo “El Chueco” (of the Sinaloa Cartel) chased a tourist guide into the church. The priests tried to protect the man but they were all three killed, said Chihuahua state authorities. They were then dumped two days later about 125 miles from the church.

"The murder of the Jesuit priests reinforces the call to examine the security strategy in Mexico, as we are experiencing a wave of historical violence: the number of murders so far this six-year term exceeds 122,000 people," the Archdiocese of Mexico said in an editorial.

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