Family says road rage shooting that was captured on video was racially motivated

Jason Daxon, 25, was shot multiple times in a road rage incident in Georgia, and his family thinks it was racially motivated, WSB-TV reports.

“It’s just a senseless racist act of violence,” said Daxon's fiancé Angeline Peterson.

“The man just shot through his own window into Jason’s car: he tried to kill him, he tried to kill him,” said Peterson. “It’s not like he was doing anything to antagonize this man, he was just simply trying to pass him on the road, and the man would not let him in.”

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Video of the incident was posted to social media and shows 61-year-old Wade McEwan pulling alongside Daxon and firing multiple shots through the window into Daxon's vehicle. Daxon was hit once in the arm and once in the back.

Daxon is reportedly a Grammy nominated songwriter. He survived the shooting but was hospitalized in critical condition. McEwan was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct and reckless driving.