New York FBI official busted for Russia ties was turned in by angry ex-lover: report
FBI agent (AFP)

Retired FBI counterintelligence chief for the New York Office Charles McGonigal was arrested earlier this week and charged with violating U.S. sanctions against a Russian oligarch — one of the highest-ranking FBI officials in U.S. history to ever be charged with a crime.

And according to a new report by The Daily Beast on Friday, he was nailed in part because an angry ex-lover turned him in.

"In an interview with Insider, Allison Guerriero said she dated McGonigal for a year, unaware he was married," reported Rachel Olding. "He spent far more lavishly than an FBI salary would typically allow, she recalled, and she once found a bag of cash in his apartment. But after their fling ended, he revealed he was married and had no plans to leave his wife."

"She said she was so angry that, after a bout of drinking, she emailed his boss to disclose the affair as well as extensive dealings she’d noticed McGonigal had in Albania," the report continued. "It’s unclear what came of the email but the feds turned up on her doorstep three years later to ask her about McGonigal and some of her allegations regarding Albania appeared in last week’s indictment."

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The indictment against McGonigal alleges he and a Russian-language court reporter named Sergey Shestakov tried to get Russian billionaire industrialist Oleg Deripaska off the U.S. sanctions list by forging documents and laundering money as part of an investigation into another Russian oligarch to conceal Deripaska as a source of certain payments. Deripaska also has ties to Paul Manafort, the former chairman of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Following the arrest, Trump took to social media to wish McGonigal "rot in hell" and accuse him of fabricating the investigation into his connections to Russia around his first presidential campaign. McGonigal was made aware of some of the FBI's Russia investigation at the time, but there is no indication he was leading the investigation or fabricated anything.