Judge uses AI app 'ChatGPT' to help make court ruling
Judge with Gavel (Shutterstock)

The new artificial intelligence site ChatGPT has brought people together to make silly poems and even social media tweets, but one judge is using it to formulate case decisions.

While the site has been an annoyance for teachers testing for plagiarism or outright false information, this proves to be the fist time a judge is admitting to using AI to formulate a ruling, Vice News reported.

"Judge Juan Manuel Padilla Garcia, who presides over the First Circuit Court in the city of Cartagena, [Colombia] said he used the AI tool to pose legal questions about the case and included its responses in his decision, according to a court document dated January 30, 2023," the report said.

"The arguments for this decision will be determined in line with the use of artificial intelligence (AI),” wrote Garcia in a decision translated from Spanish. “Accordingly, we entered parts of the legal questions posed in these proceedings."

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"The purpose of including these AI-produced texts is in no way to replace the judge's decision,” he continued. “What we are really looking for is to optimize the time spent drafting judgments after corroborating the information provided by AI.”

The case was a fight between a health insurance company and the family of an autistic child who sought coverage for medical treatment.

ChatGPT asked whether the "autistic minor [was] exonerated from paying fees for their therapies?” and “Has the jurisprudence of the constitutional court made favorable decisions in similar cases?”

The judge also wrote in his own commentary about the use of the site and how it was able to "extend the arguments of the adopted decision."

He ultimately used the decision crafted by the AI, describing his reasoning for the decision. It isn't something that is illegal in Colombia, yet.

Vice noted that the use of the AI was "heavily criticized by AI ethicists"

Read the full report from Vice News.