Police report says toddler died after family performed 'exorcisms' on him
Image: Monk's hands holding a cross (Shutterstock.com)

Authorities are detailing the death of a 4-year old boy in North Carolina at the hands of his adoptive parents, including the documentation of them performing what police describe as "exorcisms" on the child.

Adoptive parents Joseph Wilson and Jodi Wilson have been charged with the death of Skyler Wilson, as police have obtained text messages between the two parents that include a photograph of young Skyler wrapped in a blanket and duct-taped facedown on their floor.

A detective interviewed witnesses who detailed Jodi Wilson's alleged extreme behavior that included performing exorcisms on both Skyler and his brother, as well as isolating Skyler for long period times after misbehavior and refusing to let Skyler's brother walk by himself. The brothers were placed with the Wilsons in September 2021.

The Surry County Department of Social Services were very familiar with the case, as the brothers' former foster mother talked to the department in early December and also made a formal report.

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A month later Skyler was in the hospital with a hypoxic brain injury that stops oxygen from getting to the brain. That hospital visit allowed the social services department to reach out to the Surry County Sherrif's Office.

The warrant also details Jodi Wilson's use of swaddling, which involves wrapping a blanket around a baby tightly and rolling it over. Medical experts say that this practice can lead to increase risk of death, including death from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, if not positioned on their backs.