CNN's Chris Cuomo demands Republicans answer for lawmaker's support of Capitol insurrectionists

On CNN Wednesday, anchor Chris Cuomo called on Republicans to answer for whether they agree with Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and his conspiracy theories in support of the Capitol rioters.

"Let's be honest, near half this country — at least you guys say you don't want to be a member of either of these parties," said Cuomo. "So you have all of you and the 30 percent of the remaining, reasonable people within Republican ranks. Now for those Republicans, I told you everybody else, ignore the game. For those within the game, because you are the game within the game within that party, are you going to keep paying attention to people like Paul Gosar, who helped incite the insurrection? Will you allow him to speak for you by defending the terrorists, like this?"

"Zero firearms from suspects charged with breaching the Capitol, to my knowledge, not a single person has been charged with a crime of insurrection," said Gosar in one clip. "Was Ashli Babbitt armed? No, she was wrapped in a U.S. flag," he said in another. She was actually wrapped in a Trump flag. "The truth is being censored and covered up. As a result, the DOJ is harassing peaceful patriots across the country," he said in yet another.

"He's got to read it because somebody had to make up all that tripe," said Cuomo. "Harass the peaceful patriots? Charging them with crimes is harassing them? These are peaceful patriots? Attacked more than 100 police officers on January 6th, a day of infamy, what's been declared an act of terror? He is full of it, and he knows it. He knows the truth. But he's playing the game. Change the game."

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Chris Cuomo demands Republicans answer for Paul Gosar