'I tried to warn': Chris Matthews says politics has 'headed too far left'
MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Jan. 6, 2015 [MSNBC]

Onetime MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews is warning about politics having gone "too far left."

Matthews took to Twitter for the first time in months to voice his opinions and tell fans of his canceled show that he appreciates their ongoing faith in him.

"I want Hardball fans to know how," he began, followed by five spaces "I appreciate your faith in me."

"2022 could be a great time to show what we’ve learned. I tried to warn we were headed too far left," Matthews said.

Matthews abruptly retired from the network in 2020 after it was revealed he was the subject of a #MeToo column by journalist Laura Bassett.

"MSNBC, for instance, replaced Chris Matthews, its moderate 7 p.m. anchor, with the left-wing commentator Joy Reid, who also co-hosted its election night coverage," The New York Times reported in December.