They 'lie for a living': Legal expert rails against Trump officials who say one thing to the J6 and another on Fox News
Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. (DOD photo)

Former President Donald Trump's lies were tracked by the Washington Post throughout his presidency, resulting in a list of 30,573 lies. According to Elie Mystal, legal analyst for The Nation and MSNBC, those lies appear to have trickled down to other staffers willing to perpetuate them.

The latest example, he explained, is a slate of Trump administration officials appearing on Sean Hannity's Fox show to explain Trump deployed 10,000 National Guard soldiers to the Capitol on Jan. 6 and jumped to help stop the violence. MSNBC's Chris Hayes played clip after clip of Hannity repeating the talking point over and over again. As recently as last month, Hannity was still spouting the lie he was told.

But there were two former Trump officials who knew better. Former Secretary of Defense Chris Miller and his chief of staff Kash Patel both said that they testified under oath to the House Select Committee that Trump called in the National Guard. As Hayes explained, it's illegal to lie under oath, but it's not illegal to lie on Fox News. So, when the House Select Committee published the audio of Miller answering questions under oath, it became clear Trump never called anyone.

"Lies, just lies, they just lie," said Hayes.

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"Chris Miller might as well have said that, 'It's weird that people actually believe the words coming out of my mouth because who would do that?'" joked Mystal. "That was his testimony under oath this is exactly why the subpoenas are so powerful, but this is a lesson that we all need to learn and should've learned circa 2015. These people lie for a living. All they know how to do is lie. If they're not under oath, everything they say should be viewed as a lie."

He went on to say that even if Donald Trump said that he had a cheeseburger for dinner MSNBC should put a voiceover saying that they couldn't confirm that fact and ensure they and every outlet independently verify every statement.

"Because all they do is a lie. That's all they know how to do," Mystal continued. "Remember Chris, a couple of weeks, go Cassidy Hutchinson testified and there is all this right-wing drama. Oh! Secret Service is going to testify! Tony Ornato is going to testify! Did they do that? No. That's because they were lying. They weren't gonna come under oath to lie so they just have to put this out there when everybody knew that Cassidy Hutchison was telling the truth."

He encouraged the rest of the media to catch up with the idea that all of the Trump people lie.

See the interview below or at this link.

"They lie for a living"