Kristopher stark
Photo: Kristopher Stark campaign website

After the 2020 election, Republican Kristopher Stark stormed off in a huff over Donald Trump not being reelected. Stark claims that the election was actually "stolen" from Trump. He sent a letter to the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections a request to take him off of the voter rolls. Now, the Orlando Sentinel reveals that is causing some problems.

“My vote means nothing. Cancel my registration,” Stark wrote in his Jan. 2021 letter. “You + the system are a joke. Thank you, communists.”

Now that he's running for office in Florida House District 37 there's a problem. A 2021 bill passed by the GOP-run state house requires that candidates running for their party's nomination must be a registered party member for at least 365 days prior to the election.

"Elections supervisor records show that Stark did not re-register as a Republican voter until January 2022," said the report. "He said he registered while at the Tax Collector’s Office to update his home address on state identification and a clerk asked if he’d like to update his voter’s ID, too."

He swears he was “just expressing frustration for the whole system.” He also admits that his language in the letter may have been rough.

“I wrote some bad stuff,” he confessed.

The Aug. 23 primary election is less than the 365 days required for Stark to be considered a party nominee.

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