Chris Wallace nails Roy Blunt for GOP spending hypocrisy: 'Haven't you lost your credibility' on the deficit?
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday pressed a top Republican, Sen. Roy Blunt (MO), over Republican opposition to President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan.

"We're talking about raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28," Wallace explained. "When President Trump came in it was 35 so it's still a tax cut from where it was in 2017."

Wallace noted that Republicans want to block a tax increase for large corporations and instead pay for infrastructure with new taxes and fees on the average person.

"They're going to say you're protecting the fat cats and putting it all on the backs of the working class?" the Fox News host explained.

Blunt argued that the massive cut in corporate taxes under former President Donald Trump unleashed economic growth.

Wallace pressed: "I haven't heard you say it today but some of your colleagues in the Republican Party are complaining about this is going to explode debt, this is going to explode deficits."

The Fox News host pointed out that under Trump's leadership, the United States added over $3 trillion to the national debt before the pandemic while cutting taxes by $1.5 trillion.

"I guess the question is, when I hear, for instance, Mitch McConnell talking about now about, 'Well, debt and deficits,' hasn't the Republican Party, haven't you lost your credibility on this issue?"

Blunt insisted that both Democrats and Republicans have bad records on controlling budget deficits. He then attacked Democrats over the latest infrastructure bill.

"You can't spread that blame around if you decide you're going to do it all by yourself," Blunt said.

Watch the video below from Fox News.