Christian leaders condemn 'radicalized Christian nationalism' -- and link it to January 6 MAGA riots
Capitol Rioters (Screengrab)

A group of Christian leaders has signed a letter raising alarms about what they describe as "radicalized Christian nationalism" that they say contributed the violent riots that took place at the United States Capitol building last month.

NPR reports that more than 100 pastors and other church leaders signed onto the letter, which accuses Christians who rioted on January 6th of engaging in a "perversion" of the Christian faith.

They also call out trends toward radicalization in many evangelical churches.

"We recognize that evangelicalism, and white evangelicalism in particular, has been susceptible to the heresy of Christian nationalism because of a long history of faith leaders accommodating white supremacy," they write. "We choose to speak out now because we do not want to be quiet accomplices in this on-going sin."

Evangelical Christian organizer Doug Pagitt says that it's important for evangelicals to squarely confront the radicalization within their ranks.

"People from our very communities called people to this action in the days before, unleashed them into the Capitol, and then chose to baptize that action in the name of Christ," Pagitt during a recent Zoom call with other leaders who signed the letter. "And this is our time where we need to stand up."