Rubio canvasser speaks out for the first time at Proud Boys rally interview — claiming attack was 'politically motivated'
Christopher Rey Monzon (Courtesy of Broward Sheriff's Office)

The far-right activist who was attacked while canvassing for Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio insisted on Saturday that the attack was politically motivated, even though he did not tell that to authorities until after the senator had publicly claimed as much on Twitter.

Christopher Monzon, also known as "the Cuban Confederate," was interviewed by the Miami Herald during an appearance at a Proud Boys rally in Hialeah.

“All I want is for the truth about what happened to get out. And the truth is it was politically motivated,” Monzon claimed.

But that was not what Monzon initially claimed.

"An initial police report mentioned nothing about politics," the newspaper reported. "Monzon has a long history of supporting white supremacist causes and making racist statements."

Monzon vowed he would clear his name.

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The newspaper reported "he declined to answer specific questions about the beating or his past."

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