'Shut up about unity!' Former senator calls on GOP to begin healing by rejecting Trump's lies
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MSNBC's Claire McCaskill called on her former Senate colleagues to help unify the nation by rejecting -- once and for all -- President Donald Trump's election fraud conspiracy theories.

The former Democratic senator told "Morning Joe" that Republican senators have justified Trump's lies since the start of his presidency, culminating in the riot by right-wing militants last week at the U.S. Capitol to protest his election loss to Joe Biden.

"Republicans on Capitol Hill have bought into the lies from day one," McCaskill said. "They either ignored them or they looked the other way, or, worst of all, they embraced them, and the big lie that Donald Trump started committing, the crime against America that Donald Trump began really began months ago when he started telling people that believed in him that if he didn't win, the election was a fraud, and he continues to embrace the big lie and the majority of them embraced the big lie. That's where we are."

Republicans have called for unity to defend the president against a second impeachment over the riot he incited, but McCaskill said that was on them.

"If we want unity, and I think Joe Biden desperately wants it," McCaskill said, "I think all of us want unity -- we want to stitch this back together -- it has to begin with Republicans acknowledging that there was no massive fraud, that Donald Trump's lawyers had all the evidence, and the evidence was not there. It was rumors, it was internet conspiracies, edited videotape, it was people trying to make a buck. It was anything but massive fraud. Until Republicans can do that, until they can reject the big lie, they can't even open their mouths about unity."

"Shut up about unity," she added, "until you can state the obvious, that there was a big lie. By the way, Lindsey Graham did it on the floor that night. He said enough is enough. There were not 82,000 people underage that voted in Georgia. There was not fraud in Georgia. It's enough, it's over. He at least said it's over, and there was no fraud proved."

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