WATCH: CNN legal expert wrecks Chauvin lawyer's attempt to blame bystanders for George Floyd's death

CNN legal analyst Charles Ramsey on Tuesday knocked down an argument made by an attorney for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin that blamed bystanders for the death of George Floyd.

During the first day of Chauvin's trial for the murder of Floyd, attorney Eric Nelson claimed that bystanders who surrounded Chauvin and his fellow officers -- and who begged them to check Floyd's pulse as he lay motionless on the ground -- were the ones responsible for the officers failing to give Floyd care.

"There are people across the street, there are cars stopping, people yelling, there is a growing crowd in what officers perceive to be a threat," he said. "They're screaming at them, causing the officers to divert their attention from the care of Mr. Floyd."

However, Ramsey said that this argument simply doesn't match up with the video evidence of Chauvin's behavior as he kept his knee firmly on Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes.

"I've seen a lot of hostile crowds, believe me, that wasn't one of them," said Ramsey, a former Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department. "If it was so threatening, look at Chauvin: He has sunglasses on top of his head, hand on his hip. He is very nonchalant. Do you think he felt threatened? I don't think so."

Watch the video below.