'You guys have supported us': CNN host thanked on-air by ex-football coach who won prayer case
CNN/screen grab

CNN host Brianna Keilar was thanked on live television by former football coach Joseph Kennedy after the Supreme Court ruled that he had the right to lead a Christian prayer at a public school.

Moments after the interview began, he told Keilar that CNN had "supported" him throughout the case.

"There's [sic] been so many people that have been positively reporting on this," Kennedy told the host. "You guys have supported us. It's just been wonderful. So, I was very optimistic about going into this. Because I think everybody has the exact same freedoms. You know, people of faith, people of no faith, of different faiths. That's what America is all about is being able to just enjoy our freedoms."

Keilar insisted that the network was not biased in its reporting.

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"I do want to be clear," she said. "We cover this. We don't take a position on it. Just to be clear. We certainly are very interested in this case."

Watch the video below from CNN.