Even John Stamos thinks Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are better when they're drinking
Photo: Screen capture

Chris Licht's leadership at CNN has been a source of complaints from viewers and those who have been the victim of his mass layoffs. But the biggest victim came on New Year's Eve, when CNN is normally the home of absolute hilarity, joy, silliness and fun. Instead, Licht decided that the hosts couldn't loosen things up by drinking.

Twitter viewers were uninspired, but it was actor John Stamos who made it clear that even he noticed the hosts were much better when they were drinking on past shows. Generally co-hosts of Cooper's find different ways to make him laugh, which can, at times, sound like a little girl's giggle.

As one person observed the interview with Stamos was painful with the conversation was almost forced. Others called the night "vanilla" and said that if they wanted something like that they'd turn it over to ABC. Others simply called it out for general "sucking" and "pathetic."

At one point they tried to make a joke out of it with Cohen and Cooper doing shots of random beverages that weren't alcohol, like pickle juice.

"We will miss you drunk-giggling Anderson Cooper," said viewer Mary Rose.

Nancy Marcus Newman noted that it was her 13th sober New Years Even but even she wanted to see Drunk Cooper.

"I need tequila," Cohen said after about three hours of the show.

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Even John Stamos agrees CNN NYE sucks www.youtube.com