CNN's Daniel Dale slams 'Cyber Ninjas' CEO for his latest lie to perpetuate the Arizona audit
CNN fact checker Daniel Dale (screengrab)

On CNN Monday, fact-checker Daniel Dale criticized Doug Logan, the pro-Trump CEO of the "Cyber Ninjas" tech firm at the center of Arizona's partisan ballot "audit," for claiming that in-person voter interrogations should be conducted in Maricopa County because "we have 74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no clear record of them being sent."

"First off, anything that that guy says I treat with a lot of skepticism, the Cyber Ninjas guy," said anchor Brianna Keilar. "Fact-check this for us."

"Even if you're not an election conspiracy theorists, you may hear this and think that is weird. How did they end up with 74,000 mail-in ballots they don't have a record of being sent out?" said Dale. "The answer is that didn't happen. These are in-person early votes."

"Let me break this down as simply as possible," he continued. "This county uses two early voting files that are not meant to be used for forensic audits. One of them are ballots requested by voters, one is ballots submitted by voters. That ballots requested file stops getting updated October 23rd of this year, but the ballots submitted file keeps getting updated with in-person votes until ten days later. You have thousands and thousands of in-person votes between October 24th and the day before the election where there won't be a corresponding entry on ballots requested file."

"Mr. Logan made it sound -- either intentionally, or just because he didn't understand -- like this is great tens of thousands of ballots unsolved mystery, and former President Trump seized on this to make it sound like there were 74,000 'magically appearing' ballots," added Dale. "In fact, these ballots did not magically appear, they are legitimate in-person votes, and there's no unsolved mystery."

Watch below:

Daniel Dale fact-checks claim Arizona "audit" turned up 70,000 unrecorded mail-in ballots