Colorado GOP accused of 'flirting with political suicide' with plan to change primary voting rules

This Saturday, a majority of the Colorado GOP's governing committee will vote on whether to cancel next year's GOP primaries and replace them with an internal process to select candidates in the 2022 election. According to Axios, the move would prevent 1.8 million unaffiliated voters from casting ballots in GOP primaries next year.

"Even if a majority of the 500-plus-member GOP central committee supported canceling the primary, the effort would fail because it needs a 75% majority — an improbably high bar," Axios reports. "But it's an existential question for a party that holds only one statewide office — a historic low."

Those in favor of canceling the primary include the GOP's vice chairwoman Priscilla Rahn, secretary Marilyn Harris, state Rep. Ron Hanks (who was at the Jan. 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol), and Republican National Committeeman Randy Corporon.

But not all Republicans agree with the move.

"Colorado Republicans are flirting with political suicide," wrote former state Treasurer Mark Hillman, a Republican in opposition to the idea. "We can't win elections without attracting unaffiliated voters, whom Democrats shrewdly embrace. If Republicans shun them, our party — and candidates — will become irrelevant."

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