Alyssa Fara

The Republican Party has gone so far off the deep end that even former Donald Trump aide Alyssa Farah said she doesn't recognize them anymore.

As part of a Wednesday discussion on "The View," Farah addressed the report that Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) poked a female colleague in her back and told her to "kiss my ass" after she asked if he'd wear a mask.

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) asked how that exchange would have gone if a Black man poked a white woman.

The conversation sparked comments about civility among politicians, who frequently attack each other personally.

"That was assaultive behavior," said Sonny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor. "He touched her, and then was verbally abusive on top of it. Even in his 80s, he knows better. This is the chair -- they're all congresspeople, but this is the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, a powerful member of congress, and a powerful member of the group, and I was disgusted. She said, what would have happened if it was a black man poking a white woman? I do agree with her. I think that would be different. African American women are the least protected class in this country and have been for a really long time, and, you know, it was disgusting that he assaulted her, and there won't be any repercussions other than I'm sorry."

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Sara Haines said that it seems there was always a screen door that would stop people in Congress from saying what they thought out loud. But it was Farah who compared Congress now vs. when she previously worked there.

"I worked on Capitol Hill for the better portion of ten years, and I don't even recognize congress as it is today," she said. "This is further evidence of the degradation of congress, and people run to get their cable news gigs afterward. They Twitter battle all day rather than legislating. You mentioned that Ilhan Omar attacks she got, and Lauren Robert. That's what it's become. It's become not even this respected body. The apology was a thoughtful and quick one, but that is so rare. This has become the norm in congress this you just attack your fellow man or woman, and if they're on the other side, they're your enemy and it's terrible."

See the exchange below:

former Donald Trump aide Alyssa Farah on the lack of civility in Congress

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