Far-right activist Charlie Kirk caught by ex-congressman in hilarious hypocrisy over Juneteenth
Charlie Kirk - CNN screenshot

Far-right activist Charlie Kirk was called out by former Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) for spending years promoting Juneteenth, only to then decide maybe he didn't support it after all.

Among the tweets that Amash posted, just one year ago, Kirk was celebrating Juneteenth, saying that it was made possible by Republicans. That's actually factually incorrect, as there weren't enough Republicans in the House at the time to easily pass the legislation. Republicans needed a two-thirds vote to pass the law, requiring support from the border-state Democrats and members of the Union Democratic Party.

While the two parties have switched places with Democrats being the abolitionist party, even pro-slavery Democrats risked their careers at the time to pass the holiday. This week bipartisanship came again 156 years later, when racist Republicans who opposed the Juneteenth holiday stepped back to allow it to pass.

Another tweet from Kirk falsely claimed that Democrats are trying to take down President Abraham Lincoln's statue. Neither the Democratic Party nor any Democratic lawmakers supported this. He falsely assumes that all protesters represent the Democratic Party.

Kirk then attacked former President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden for not passing Juneteenth as a national holiday. The question could easily be asked why former President Donald Trump and the GOP never passed the law either when they were in complete control of the House, Senate and White House.

Ultimately, Kirk spent the day after Juneteenth attacking the holiday as "an affront to the unity of July 4th. We now have 2 summer holidays— and one of them based on race. Shame on the GOP for supporting this."

See the tweets below: