Conservative mocks 'MAGA civility police' for freaking out over Biden's flap with Fox News reporter
Vice President Joe Biden (AFP Photo/Jason Davis)

On Tuesday, writing for The Bulwark, conservative writer Charlie Sykes mocked allies of former President Donald Trump who are attacking President Joe Biden's hot-mic dismissal of Fox News reporter Peter Doocy as a "stupid son of a b*tch." Sykes described them as "MAGA civility police," who are incapable of shame over cheering far worse attacks on the press from their idol.

"By all means, let’s engage in the required pearl clutching over Joe Biden’s open mic incivility," wrote Sykes, making a pointed jab at Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) who suggested we've never seen a worse "attack" on "the free press."

"Or, maybe let’s not, except to note the effulgent irony of the 'Let’s Go Brandon' crowd’s performative indignation over a president who calls anyone a 'stupid SOB,'" Sykes added.

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Sykes then gathered together a long list of times Trump has picked fights with the press, including when he called NBC's Chuck Todd a "sleeping son of a b*tch," the time he called reporters the "enemy of the people" the same day a bomb was sent to the CNN building, and the time he spread a conspiracy theory that MSNBC's Joe Scarborough murdered an aide while he was a member of Congress.

"But, he fights! Amirite?" concluded Sykes sarcastically.

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