Conservatives slammed for delighting in Alec Baldwin shooting tragedy

In an op-ed published at the New York Daily News this Wednesday, CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp slammed conservatives for taking an opportunity to dump on actor Alec Baldwin in the wake of the accidental shooting death of a cinematographer on the set of a movie he was starring in.

Cupp admits that Baldwin is "a fairly unsympathetic figure" and has done "pretty lamentable things" in the past, but according to Cupp, he's not to blame for the circumstances that led to Halyna Hutchins being killed and director Joel Souza being injured.

"But for some on the right, Baldwin's tragic accident is an opportunity — a grotesque kind of comeuppance for being, well, a jerk, and more to the point, a jerk who openly supports more gun control," Cupp writes. "Somehow, to them, it's just too delicious to resist driving home the point that someone who wants to restrict other people's access to firearms has accidentally killed someone with a prop gun. Apparently, they think this is ironic."

Cupp listed an array of right-wingers, including Donald Trump, who chimed in to disparage Baldwin when the shooting made headlines but to "parse the so-called 'politics' of the right wing's morbid schadenfreude over an innocent woman's accidental death is an exercise in futility and frustration."

Cupp went on to say that Baldwin's anti-gun stance isn't diminished by the tragedy.

"Responsible gun owners don't delight in accidental shootings; we lament them."

Read the full op-ed over at the New York Daily News.