'This is BS!' Trump fans accuse Arizona GOP of colluding with Biden to stop the election 'audit' results
Trump Reno crowd via Darron Birgenheier on Flickr

The Cyber Ninjas firm that conducted the "audit" of Arizona's 2020 election results is delaying the release of its findings because the firm's CEO and staff have become sick with COVID-19.

This particular news was not received well among Trump supporters, according to ABC13 reporter Garrett Archer.

As cited by Archer, a Telegram group of supporters of Donald Trump are furious as the results are further delaying evidence that they believe could vindicate the former president.

"Why does it f*ckin matter who went with? Deliver the f*cking sh*t" one angry man said responding to the press release from the Arizona Republican Party.

Another remarked that the results were finalized last week and wondered why it wasn't released then.

State Sen. Karen Fann, a Republican who has pushed the audit from the beginning, was accused of being in on a conspiracy with President Joe Biden in intentionally delaying the results.

"Everyone needs to send this Fann an email and let her know we are on our way. This is bullsh*t, they are trying to delay the announcement giving Biden time to lock down the country with another Covid scam which he thinks would prevent us from taking to the streets," one man identified as "John" said in the channel.

Another poster called the Arizona GOP "lying f*ckers," saying that it was a "con job scam" and telling the "lying f*ckers [to] go f*ck yourseld (sic)."

One woman suspected that the Cyber Ninjas was intentionally infected "on purpose" with COVID.

See the screen captures below: