Georgia's conspiracy Congresswoman gets schooled by her own GOP election official for lies
Marjorie Taylor Greene and unidentified police officer. (Screenshot/Twitter)

Her state's own elections official fact-checked conspiracy Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter Sunday after she attempted to peddle another of her wacky lies.

Greene attacked conservative chief financial officer for the Georgia Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling after he outed her for lying about specifics around the 2020 election.

She claimed that the runoff was "stolen" from Republicans because ballots were mailed out to everyone in the state, which he explained was a lie.

She ranted that Sterling was tweeting "stupid lies" but didn't seem to have any proof or evidence to back up her allegations. He explained that the only people who are to blame are those who lie to their own people. He went on to pledge to tell Georgians "the truth and follow the law."

Greene is the same official who claimed this week that she was being censored while delivering a speech on the House floor which was aired on every network television station.