Corey Lewandowski 'messed' with Trump's money -- and his past finally caught up with him: conservative
Corey Lewandowski on MSNBC_ screenshot

In a blunt-talking column for the Daily Beast, conservative Matt Lewis claimed that it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump confidante Corey Lewandowski's hubris came back to bite him and led to what looks like his final exile from Trumpworld.

That moment of truth happened this week as the former Trump campaign manager's boorish behavior -- where he reportedly groped the wife of a Trump donor -- led to his ouster from a high-paying job running a Trump SuperPAC.

As Lewis noted, there is much a person who works for Trump can get away with, but messing with the boss's ability to rake in cash is a bridge too far.

"What is noteworthy, though, is not that someone closely affiliated with Trump would engage in questionable alleged behavior (see Jason Miller, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Matt Gaetz, et al.), but that there would actually be consequences for his behavior. Like so many in Trump's orbit, Lewandowski has established a pattern of inappropriate and abusive behavior that has generally resulted in slaps on the wrist, followed by his failing forward," Lewis wrote. "It has been a pattern for most of his life. Indeed, Lewandowski's political career reads more like a rap sheet than a standard political résumé."

Noting multiple incidents of Lewandowski acting inappropriately around women during the Trump years -- which never seemed to faze the former president who has his own trail of sexual assault accusations that have dogged him for years -- Lewis claimed to do anything that might slow Trump's ability to raise money is not something that would get a pass.

"Why is Lewandowski finally being held accountable, now?" Lewis asked. "The answer is also obvious. As Maggie Haberman explained in the New York Times, 'Aides to Mr. Trump insist this latest incident is different, particularly because it involves a donor to the former president.'"

"Moral, ethical, and legal failings can be overlooked, but a lack of loyalty or deference to The Donald will not. The unpardonable sin is doing anything that Trump perceives as taking liberties with whatever is perceived to be Trump's domain, " the conservative suggested. "That's why Trump donors exist in the do-not-grope zone. As Never Trump conservative Charlie Sykes put it, 'asses may be grabbed and thighs fondled, but the donor class shall not be molested. The MAGAverse has standards.'"

Writing, "allegedly groping a donor's wife is an unpardonable sin, right up there with admitting Joe Biden won the election," Lewis concluded. "It turns out, there really are two Americas. Some people are more important than others. And in Trump's America, money still talks."

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