11-year-old girl discovers both parents dead from COVID: report

An 11-year-old girl from Missouri discovered both of her parents dead in their bed of coronavirus, KSDK-TV's Robert Townsend reports.

Townsend interviewed neighbor Chuck Duy.

"It's really a terrible, tragic thing," said Duy. "Supposedly she had gone to the hospital. They thought she had a stroke, but I guess it was due to COVID."

Duy learned more information after speaking to a family member.

"She tested positive, but they sent her home and then her husband meanwhile was home with a positive test for COVID, so they both were quarantined downstairs in their bedroom in their basement," he explained. "To lose both parents at one time you know for an 11-year-old, it's really tragic."

The St. Louis County girl was an only child.

Watch KSDK-TV's report: