WATCH: New video shows Trump supporter pulling Michael Fanone into Capitol riot mob
Rioter drags Officer Michael Fanone into crowd. (Twitter)

The government released new video that shows a U.S. Capitol rioter dragging Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone into a crowd of Donald Trump supporters.

A man alleged to be Albuquerque Cosper Head, of Tennessee, is shown in the video bear-hugging Fanone, who he at first pretended to help, and pulling him away from other officers as others join the attack, reported Courthouse News.

"I'm going to try and help you out here, you hear me?" Head tells the injured officer in body camera video, before turning to the crowd. "Hey, I got one."

The newly released video shows Trump supporters pushing into a line of police officers, including Fanone, trying to prevent them from storming into the Capitol as lawmakers certified Joe Biden's election win, although portions of the assault are obscured by a "thin blue line" flag.

Fanone later said he never believed that Head intended to assist him, and the video shows him encouraging fellow officers to "push them back" as he was dragged away.

Thomas Sibick, of Buffalo, New York; Kyle James Young, of Redfield, Iowa; and Daniel Joseph Rodriguez are also charged in connection with Fanone's assault, which left him with life-threatening injuries.