Devin Nunes retirement news ignites wave of mockery: 'He's leaving to spend more time with his cow'
Rep. Devin Nunes with Russian Cow (Photos: Gage Skidmore/Flickr and Nikolay Antonov/Shutterstock)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced that he is quitting Congress ahead of the 2022 election and is reportedly going to work for former President Donald Trump and the media company he started.

Abandoning the seat before the election means that Nunes's constituents must pay for a special election and they won't have any member of congress in the seat until that person is elected.

Foes of Nunes took to social media to post their mockery of the Congressman. Most celebrated the legendary account @DevinCow, which has spent years trolling Nunes even after being sued by the notoriously litigious congressman.

The cow was created in response to a report that Nunes's family left California for Iowa, taking their dairy along with them. It meant that Nunes was no longer a "dairy farmer," but he still tried to claim that he was. Nunes' lawsuit against the cow account spurred such mockery that @NunesCow developed a greater following than the congressman.

@NunesCow eagerly took a victory lap after the news broke:

Despite Nunes's seemingly endless stream of litigation against social media critics, the California congressman has not won a single lawsuit.

You can see the social media posts highlighting Nunes' abandonment in the tweets below: