WATCH: Crazed mom tries to run down students with minivan during after-school altercation

A woman clipped four youths with her minivan following an altercation outside a junior high school in Las Vegas on Friday.

The incident occurred in a parking lot that is used as a pickup location for Silvestri Junior High School, according to the local Fox affiliate.

A student told the station that "a mom in a white van got into a physical fight with a student and then she was hellbent on running him down."

"You can see her right here gun it toward the students, the back door of that van wide open," the station reported. "The van speeds through the dirt as kids frantically dart out of the way. Kids described her as doing donuts in that dirt lot. Again, no one seriously hurt, though some kids were clipped by the van. You can see there were plenty of close calls there."

A student recalled that when he came out of school, he saw a large group of people surrounding a mother and "someone's kid."

"The mom was just like yelling at the kid, cursing at him. She ended up actually hitting him," the student said. "That's when my friend hit her back and then she got into the car and she backed up and she hit two or three cars while she was there and she chased my friend around that vacant lot and hit other kids, too."

The woman sped off before police arrived.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, police were still attempting to identify and locate her on Friday evening.

"Ron and Sherry Lawrence said their 14-year-old granddaughter was one of the kids struck," the newspaper reported. "The girl suffered bruises to her leg. They said she and other witnesses told them that a woman got into a fistfight with a boy in the alley shortly after a group of kids got out of Silvestri. The woman then jumped in her vehicle and fled the scene when the youths were struck."

“She punched the kid in the face, got back in her car and ran over four other children, and left the scene,” Ron Lawrence said.

Watch below.

Chaos after school results in kids getting clipped by a car