Wyoming GOP bill targeting critical race theory falters after Jewish Dem gives impassioned speech
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An anti-critical race theory bill failed to advance in the Wyoming House of Representatives this week after a Jewish Democrat gave an impassioned speech against its passage.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports that Wyoming State Rep. Andy Schwartz, one of just seven Democrats in Wyoming's 60-member House of Representatives, drew upon his experience learning about the horrors of the Holocaust to attack the Republican-sponsored bill on the grounds that it attempted to sanitize history.

“In this bill, page 9, line 19 states, ‘The teaching of history must be neutral, without judgment’,” Schwartz said. “Now, how can that be possible?... I’m Jewish, and I cannot accept a neutral judgment-free approach on the murder of six million Jews in World War Two."

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Schwartz didn't stop there and he shredded a portion of the bill that stated students shouldn't "feel discomfort or distress" when learning about history.

“But in learning about the Holocaust, I have suffered a lifetime of discomfort and distress, and it’s essential that as students learn about this dark time in our history, they to feel discomfort in distress," he said.

The bill ultimately failed to get the needed two-thirds majority to advance, and several Republicans in the chamber crossed over to vote against the bill's advancement.

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