Rev. Matt Laney

Rev. Matt Laney, the senior pastor at Virginia-Highland Church in Georgia, created a TikTok video bringing down the white fragility argument that comes from those attempting to ban so-called critical race theory, which isn't taught outside of law schools.

Many commented on a photo of a table of banned books that showcased some of the children's volumes that racist Republicans are blocking from school and community libraries. The table included books like the Holocaust book Maus, but it also included books like The Lorax, which few knew was once banned after the logging industry thought it portrayed them in a bad light. Fahrenheit 451 was also frequently banned, even though the book is about extremists banning books and burning them. The Harry Potter series was protested and banned for showing sorcery and witches, which Republicans have tied to Satanism.

In his video, Rev. Laney held up a page with text which appeared to explain that children who feel emotions after reading about atrocities aren't as bad as helicopter parents want the world to believe.

"They are not being harmed," said Rev. Laney. "They are stretching and growing into compassionate, decent people."

See his video below: