C-SPAN host cuts off profane caller who accuses him of being 'racist' because Buffalo shooter was white
Pedro Echevarria host C-SPAN "Washington Journal" (screen grab)

A Republican caller on C-SPAN's Washington Journal program accused host Pedro Echevarria of being a "racist."

During the daily call-in show, Echevarria asked guests to react to a shooting in Buffalo that appeared to be a hate crime where most of the victims were Black.

"It's stir-the-pot Sunday," a Republican caller named John complained. "Trying to get everybody to hate each other on a Sunday. Like the first caller. He thinks white people are systematically out hunting Black people. I guess he doesn't watch channel 6 news in Philadephia, where Blacks kill Blacks three, four in the middle of the afternoon."

"What do you think about the event from yesterday which is the basis of our question today?" Echevarria wondered.

"I don't think nothing of it!" John remarked. "Because I think you're just trying to start a race war. You had the guy in Wisconsin that ran over those Christians in that parade. They were all white. But that wasn't a race crime. OK? And then you just had the guy from Philadephia that went to New York City and shot the people in the subway."

"And how does that relate to yesterday's event?" Echevarria pressed.

"How does it relate?" John exclaimed. "He is a racist! He went from Philadelphia to New York just to kill white people on a subway."

"OK. That's not yesterday's event you're talking about," the C-SPAN host pointed out. "How does that relate to yesterday's event?"

"You're a goddamn racist!" the caller shouted.

"OK," Echevarria stated. "You can't use language like that so we're going to cut you off right there."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.