'Cuss-word angry' Wisconsin Republican mulls quitting party after rejecting Trump's election lies
State Sen. Kathleen Bernier on Facebook

Wisconsin State Sen. Kathleen Bernier is paying a price within her own party for rejecting former President Donald Trump's election lies.

Vice News reports that the backlash Bernier has received from saying that Trump lost Wisconsin has been so fierce that she's considering leaving the party she's belonged to for decades.

"I am extraordinarily angry, I mean, cuss-word angry, with Donald Trump and the people who seem to think that we’re not conservatives, that we don’t support our state and our country," she told Vice News. "Donald Trump is not the United States of America. I loved his policies. I loved his work ethic. But his lying to support his position that he's the legitimate president is not factual. He has not proven it."

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While Bernier voted for Trump in the 2020 election, she now says she wouldn't do so if he became the nominee in 2024.

"I would leave it blank," she said of the prospect of voting for Trump again. "I would never vote for Biden, ever. I just won't vote for him again, and I just hope that the Republicans come out with [Florida Republican Gov.] Ron DeSantis, actually. I am not ever going to be a Democrat. But I’m really revisiting independent."

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