Father of Kyle Rittenhouse victim rails against Donald Trump for celebrating a 'murderer'

Father John Huber told MSNBC's Joy Reid that his son, Anthony Huber, was a pacifist who stepped up to try and stop an active shooter during last summer's demonstrations in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Instead, that shooter is walking despite admitting that he pulled the trigger, and Huber is not happy about it.

Among other things, Huber told Reid that none of the stories being reported about his son Anthony are correct.

"I don't know where that information came from with his home life," Huber said. "He had a good mom. He had a good family. He had an incident with his brother, got out of hand, and the mom called 911. And like anyone should, it got out of hand, and from there, it just got worse. You know, but he was a good kid. He wouldn't hurt anybody."

According to Huber, Anthony participated in many of the protests because he actually knew Jacob Blake, the man police shot in the back seven times, paralyzing him. Police claimed they "saw a knife," but witnesses said that there didn't appear to be anything in his hand.

Huber's dad said that his son loved to skateboard and that it was an outlet for him. The area where the protesters were was also where he skateboarded. He also explained that Anthony was a pacifist and not the type of person to confront anyone. The only incident in his life where he acted out was in the fight with his brother, which came after extensive torment.

This is why, said Huber, he believed his son would only have charged at Kyle Rittenhouse to disarm him, not to physically harm him.

"It was a pretty dangerous and heroic attempt by him, and I don't think I would have had the nerve to do that, what he did, and he was trying to stop the shooter," Huber said. "He was trying to stop an active shooter. They all saw Rosenbaum get killed. Everyone saw that. Everyone that was there saw Rosenbaum get killed. That kid turned around and mowed down Rosenbaum. Just mowed him down. I don't know what videos these other people are watching, and I don't know how the jury came to that except for the fact that the judge had his hand on the scale of justice. I saw a video where he just turned and mowed that guy down. Rosenbaum didn't touch him."

It then became an "active shooter situation."

Rittenhouse fled "from a murder scene like a coward, and he was just trying to get away, and he used deadly force to get away," Anthony's dad said. "That's it. I don't know how they were able to decide that Rittenhouse was in danger, that his life was threatened because a little guy was screaming obscenities at him. He went there with a gun to be a menace and to be a big man. What did he think was going to happen?"

He went on to attack right-wing media outlets whom he accused of trying to turn Rittenhouse into a hero and turn Anthony into someone who deserved being killed.

"Those people should be ashamed of themselves and we feel like we've been raped. We've been raped by half of the country that supported him," said Huber. "And those people should be ashamed of themselves. He's a murderer. That guy is a murderer. He murdered two people and he has two murders on his conscience, and he doesn't have a conscience."

He went on to call out former President Donald Trump, who "shouldn't have spoke (sic) up about it, either. Trump had no business weighing in on it. You know, I stopped supporting him that day he offended me when he said, 'Oh, looks like self-defense.' We didn't even know all the details. Nobody had even seen all the videos. And he spoke up on it. Who does he think he is? An expert? You know, I lost all respect for him."

When it came to people like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Huber said he hopes that she never has to deal with her children being murdered.

"I hope she never has to deal with the death of a child and then have all this controversy and scandal around it," he said, noting that the family can't even grieve Anthony's death. "We haven't even gotten to grieve yet. What does she think? It's okay to kill people that have something on their record like that? So let's just shoot them in the street? That's what she's saying. She's saying okay, go kill them in the street. Go kill them in the street because they have a record for being a child rapist or because my son got in a fight."

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