Daily Show mocks QAnon Congresswoman for the ‘GOP Unity and Healing Act of 2021’
Trevor Noah appears on CNN (screen grab)

"The Daily Show" strikes again. New QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was ridiculed by the Trevor Noah show on Twitter Thursday after she filed impeachment charges against President Joe Biden citing a conspiracy theory.

Greene, relied on an internet belief that as vice president, Biden blackmailed Ukraine, saying that if they didn't fire their corrupt prosecutor that they wouldn't get much needed international aid. The policy wasn't Biden's idea or even his decision, it was an issue that the global community faced and a stance by the administration. Biden was the enforcer.

Greene, who's never served in elected office was ridiculed online for embarrassing herself and the GOP. The Daily Show noted that the impeachment must be part of the Republican Party's attempt at unity and healing.