MMA-trained Texas paramedic suspended after video shows him kicking homeless man in the head
WFAA/screen grab

A Texas paramedic with a history of complaints against him is on administrative leave after he was seen on video kicking a homeless man in the head.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue Department released video this week from 2019 of paramedic Brad Cox telling police that he believed the homeless man had started a grass fire.

Video recorded on a police officer's body camera shows Cox telling the homeless man to get up before kicking him in the head. The video was obtained by WFAA.

In addition to being a paramedic, Cox is a trained MMA fighter who was wearing a fireman's boot at the time of the assault.

"Get up again," Cox told the homeless man after kicking him.

After the suspect rose to his feet, he was hit with an MMA-style punch by Cox.

Internal police documents showed that the homeless man was left with "a black eye to his right eye, bloody nose, multiple fractures to his face and a swollen right ankle."

Cox was cleared of any wrongdoing after an investigation by the Dallas Police Department.

The homeless man was identified as Kyle Vess. He is now suing Cox and the city of Dallas.

It's not the first time that complaints have been lodged against the paramedic.

Cox received 12 months probation in 2016 for "falsifying a report to cover up his failure to render aid" to a man who had been robbed. The man later died a day later due to a slow brain bleed caused by the attack.

Watch the video below from WFAA.