Morning Joe rips 'freakish worldview' leaking from Fox News into real-world attacks on GOP lawmakers

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped the right-wing extremists who accosted Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) during a Republican event.

The Texas Republican and his staff were jeered and jostled by conspiracy theorist Alex Stein and members of the Proud Boys on Saturday at the Republican Party of Texas Convention, using the "Eyepatch McCain" slur popularized by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

"We have a political movement that heaps utter contempt against anybody that opposes their freakish worldview of where Washington should go, where America should go," Scarborough said. "Here you have, in this case, you have a Navy SEAL, and they're mocking him because he wears an eyepatch. You have the military being attacked by these group of people, our leaders of the military being attacked, just like they were attacked in the 1960s from the, by the far left. But you have our military leaders being attacked."

"You have conspiracy theory that is the military is going to use helicopters against the American people, that they used in Afghanistan," he added. "You have attacks, of course, against police officers on Capitol Hill, people that were beat up, some who died, and they're mocked as actors. You have the FBI continually attacked because the FBI dared to investigate Donald Trump. It is really jarring to see an American hero that has sacrificed so much for his country being attacked like this and yelled at because of a war injury."

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