Conservative calls right-wing media a ‘danger to America’ that is turning red states into 'third-world pandemic zones'
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (screen grab)

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin started Monday morning talking about the dangers from right-wing media and Facebook as they're spreading COVID-19 conspiracies. As the Delta variant spreads through the United States, those who aren't vaccinated are filling hospitals again.

The worst areas of the country according to the New York Times data, are Florida, Missouri, Louisiana and Arkansas. But there's also an increase in cases in southern Alabama, southern Georgia and southern Mississippi. Still, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has started a campaign against vaccines. He's selling t-shirts and koozies that say, "Don't Fauci my Florida."

In each of the states with spikes, the same reason seems to be the cause: warm weather, no masks, no social distancing and no vaccines, Rubin explained.

"The right-wing political environment and media diet are a serious danger to vast swaths of America," wrote Rubin. "They provide a constant stream of vaccine skepticism. One wonders when the residents of these states will look around and begin to wonder why their states are effectively becoming third-world pandemic zones in a country entirely capable of preventing the vast majority of covid-19 deaths. They just might reach the conclusion that the right-wing, anti-science MAGA cult is killing them."

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