‘Let’s move on and celebrate’: Trump-backed Illinois candidate offers brief thoughts and prayers after Highland Park parade shooting
In this May 24, 2022, photo, Republican candidate for Illinois governor Darren Bailey prepares for a debate at WGN-TV in Chicago. - Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/TNS

The Donald Trump-endorsed candidate for Illinois governor made brief mention of the Highland Park parade shooting in a campaign video he released a short time later on the Fourth of July.

At least six people were killed and dozens hospitalized in the shooting Monday during the Independence Day parade in the Chicago suburb, and gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey offered a brief acknowledgement in his holiday message.

"Twenty minutes away from here in Highland Park there was a shooting," Bailey said, surrounded by sign-wielding supporters. "There were several people that we know have been shot, that's all we can hope, and we're just going to take a moment and pray for the families and just pray for the law enforcement and even the organizers of this parade. They've done an amazing job. There's a lot of confusion, frustration that the parade's being canceled. They did the right thing because people's safety has got to come first."

"The shooter is still at large, so let's pray for justice to prevail," Bailey added, "and now let's move on and celebrate the independence of this nation. We know the mission, we have got to get corruption and evil out of our government, and we have got to elect men and women of honor and of courage to get this country and this state back on track."

He then closed with a prayer on behalf of the families affected by the shooting and law enforcement.