Todd Beamer's dad turns 9/11 remembrance on Fox News into screed against Joe Biden
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News allowed a man whose son died in the 9/11 attacks to use a remembrance of the day to attack President Joe Biden.

During a 9/11 anniversary broadcast, Fox News host Will Cain spoke to David Beamer about his son Todd's role in allegedly derailing one of the attacks on 9/11.

"It's 21 years ago," Beamer said. "But a whole lot really has happened in the last 21 months of our new administration, the Biden regime. And it grieves me that it was determined by that administration that our country had to take a left turn. In fact, a hairpin left turn from the course we were on."

"Growing weary of fighting this war on terror, commander-in-chief made a decision to not just pack up and go home, but just go home," he ranted. "Leave the weapons of war, leave our allies, citizens, supporters behind and return to the homeland."

Beamer complained that Biden was fighting a war on fossil fuels.

"Since that time, he has decided that his war is going to be a war on fossil fuels," he opined. "And he's been able to execute that strategy with just the stroke of a pen. Let's turn off the tap. Let's take the fuel from our growing and prosperous economy and transform it to the point where now we are begging for our enemies to please help us."

The father continued: "The consequences have been terrible, prices skyrocket, inflation up and up and up. And it's not only a burden and a tax on the middle class. What about old guys like me?"

"President Biden is winning the war against fossil fuels and it's costing all of us a lot!" he exclaimed.

As Beamer complained about the stock market, Cain reminded him that 9/11 was the topic of discussion.

"Well, David, on this day, on 9/11, we should focus on actions," Cain said. "We appreciate you bringing it back to that. Actions can be judged from the administration but, also importantly today, on an individual and that individual is your son."

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