David Perdue and Donald Trump
David Perdue and Donald Trump (Photo: Perdue campaign Facebook page)

On Monday, writing for The Bulwark, former Ted Cruz communications staffer Amanda Carpenter accused former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) of debasing himself with the same election lies that cost him re-election in his new bid to unseat Gov. Brian Kemp — turning himself into a "sacrificial lamb" for former President Donald Trump.

"What has Trump’s backing gotten Perdue? Today, the former senator is down double-digits in the polls, lagging sorely behind in fundraising and uttering the same kind of deranged threats that come out of the mouths of people like Sidney Powell," wrote Carpenter. "Perdue seems to think his only hope of winning is to double down on the same strategy that doomed his Senate re-election ... Now, he’s finding ways to be more extreme on the issue of the 2020 election."

For example, Carpenter noted, Perdue is claiming that he would have refused to certify the 2020 election — something Kemp made clear was not legally possible for the governor of Georgia to do — and he is now claiming his own Senate race was stolen, too.

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But none of this appears to be getting him anywhere.

"Trump didn’t seem very impressed with Perdue’s performance and is now downplaying expectations for Perdue’s candidacy," wrote Carpenter. "Another telling sign: Other Georgia candidates whom Trump has endorsed, including the insanely popular Herschel Walker, are staying away from Perdue." Indeed, wrote Carpenter, Perdue's strategy appears to be letting Trump go scorched-earth on Kemp and claiming he will drag down the party if he wins, which he did at their latest rally.

"And just like that, it suddenly feels like 2020 in Georgia all over again—which, according to Perdue, will only happen over his 'dead body,'" wrote Carpenter. "Maybe Perdue should stop offering himself up like that. Sacrificing two campaigns, two cycles in a row, for Trump’s election lies ought to be enough."

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